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There are so may beautiful, fascinating, peaceful, exciting and undiscovered places to visit in North Northumberland and the Borders, so where do you start? We decided to ask our members and their friends and family to tell us about their favourite places and to take some pictures for us. Here is the result, a gazette of inside knowledge and enthusiasm to point you towards some well-known and not so well-known places to visit...

Come and see.

Where To Go

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Bewick Moor

Bewick Moor in the heart of north Northumberland is wild and remote heather moorland and it’s a wonderful place to explore. It has many hidden secrets and a history of human occupation stretching back into the Bronze Age (2500 to 800BC). Here you will find the curious prehistoric cup and ring marked rocks, two ancient hillforts, a secret cave and a remarkably well preserved Bronze Age burial cairn. There is a modern ruin too, the romantic and remote Blawearie, straight out of Wuthering Heights. All surrounded by heather, which blooms purple in July and August, perfect Northumberland really.

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