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There are so may beautiful, fascinating, peaceful, exciting and undiscovered places to visit in North Northumberland and the Borders, so where do you start? We decided to ask our members and their friends and family to tell us about their favourite places and to take some pictures for us. Here is the result, a gazette of inside knowledge and enthusiasm to point you towards some well-known and not so well-known places to visit...

Come and see.

Kyloe Hills

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Kyloe hills

Explore and discover Sandstone Monoliths shaped like carved indians, rest in the peace of St Cuthberts Cave and then enjoy the short climb to the summit of Greensheen Hill, with its magnificent views of the coast from Berwick right down to the Farnes. The Kyloe Hills and woods have many hidden secrets including the witches hideout at Bogle House, amazing sandstone crags and excellent bouldering as well as a bizarre scattering of Monkey Puzzle trees. The woods are crossed by a range of paths and trails including St Cuthberts Way and the New Sandstone way cycle route.

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