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There are so may beautiful, fascinating, peaceful, exciting and undiscovered places to visit in North Northumberland and the Borders, so where do you start? We decided to ask our members and their friends and family to tell us about their favourite places and to take some pictures for us. Here is the result, a gazette of inside knowledge and enthusiasm to point you towards some well-known and not so well-known places to visit...

Come and see.

Ford & Etal

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Harvest time at Ford & Etal
Hay farm from Slainsfield road

All of Northumberland in one place! Picture-postcard villages, amazing attractions, adventurous activities, traditional tearooms, quality accommodation, stunning countryside, peace and tranquillity. From steam railway to working watermill, heavy horse centre to 19th century murals, riverside walks to the famous Flodden battlefield – endless things to explore and discover.

Until the early 1900s, when the first Lord Joicey bought Ford Estate in 1907 and then Etal Estate in 1908, Ford and Etal were separate estates under separate, and sometimes feuding, ownership. Lord Joicey was the first outright purchaser of Ford Estate which previously had been passed to various owners by inheritance. Ford & Etal Estates are still owned by the Joicey family today.

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