Andy Craig is a full-time photographer and musician who has lived on the Northumberland Coast for over 9 years where he also teaches photography and leads history and archaeology walks. Andy's blog is "The Photographic Diary of a Dog-Walker on The Northumberland Coast"

by Andy Craig     Updated January 22, 2018 375 0 5

Castles: Standing in dramatic locations up and down the coast, North Northumberland has plenty to offer the photographer in terms of historic buildings. I am only following in the footsteps of the “picturesque” painters such as JMW Turner and co. in feeling the irresistible draw of the castle as a subject for a composition. These are much loved views and I relish the challenge of finding a new photograph from a familiar subject. For me this is found through observation and the process of Finding the Photograph that is lurking somewhere in that classic view.

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