Of Puffins and Dolphins

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Puffins on Inner Farne
Sunset on the way home
Sunset at the lighthouse
Arctic Tern on Inner Farne

The Puffins and Dolphins are showing off!

Trips out to the islands this week have resulted in some of the best puffin and dolphin sitings we have had in a long time. The Dolphins in partlcular have come up right beside the boat! There's been a lot of interesting waders at the lighouse and the swallows are nesting again.

The Longstone Lighthouse will be open with a landing on the island staying for an hour on this Saturday May 25th leaving Seahouses harbour at 6:45pm. 
The Golden Gate is THE ONLY tourist boat allowed by the National Trust to land there so it will be an unique opportunity to explore the island and see the wildlife at this time of night. The cost will be £15 per person. More details are on the website www.discoverthefarneislands.co.uk