Royal Visits, Seal pups and Winter!

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Bright winter sunshine.
The boat out of the water for winter.
H.R.H. meets George and Ailsa
Princess Anne on board the Golden Gate.
Seal pup on the island.

H,R.H. The Princess Royal visited the Longstone this month!

As Master of Trinity House Princess Anne paid us a visit and George and Ailsa had an enjoyable trip and chat with her. She was very interested in the history of the lighthouse and the Grace Darling story. Thanks to the Northumberland Gazette for letting us use the pictures.

There are still seal pups around on the island and the sheer numbers of seals is staggering with easily a thousand on there at the moment. We have been blessed with bright winter sunshine so the pups and the lighthouse have looked really stunning.

The boat is now out of the water for the winter and her annual engine service, paint job and general repairs. If you're passing on the harbour pier do stop and say hello!

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