Sunsets, Songs and Grace darling

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Sunset on Longstone
Andy Craig

Grace Darling's Anniversary and our first sunset cruise made for an interesting week.

With Friday being the 180th anniversay of the Grace Darling rescue it was perhaps fitting that the weather didn't allow us to sail that day.   

On the Thursday the day before Andy Craig came out and sang his song dedicated to Grace in her bedroom next to the window where it all started. You can see him playing in the Lighthouse on you tube at

We also held out first sunset cruise landing on the island and visiting the lighthouse which was a tremndous success. We are having one more before the end of the sean and that is  is on Friday 14th September leaving the harbour at 5:15 pm with an hour to explore the lighthouse and island. Cost is a reduced price of £15:00 per person Bookings on 07904 800590 or 01665 721210.