Puffins, Papers and POINTLESS!

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George and Alexander
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George and Gary

Puffins leave, POINTLESS arrives!

Well what week that was! A full page feature in the local papers, we go on to Instagram (@longstonelighthouse) the puffins finally leave, we start to advertise our first ever Sunset Cruise and Alexander Armstrong arrives to see us with his lovely family!

We were also visited by Victorian crime writer Gary Dolman who's writing a screenplay and book about Grace Darling.

Sad to see the puffins go but now the seals are starting to come into more evidence. Some of the females are very pregnant and it won't be that long before the pups start arriving. 

Waders too are putting an appearence on the island with Golden Plover, Oyster Catchers, Turnstones and a lovely Green Sandpiper the other day too.  Gannets are still very active with them feeding regularly around the islands and the pod of Bottlenosed Doplhins are regularly seen.