Puffins, Pufflings and Windows

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The Puffins are leaving so be quick!

Well there are a vast number of birds who have left the islands and headed north. Still reasonable numbers of puffins remain but there are now huge gaps on the cliffs where only two weeks ago there were so many guillemots that when one landed another had to get off.

The pufflings are leaving their burrows with their parents but sorry to say we've seen several taken by the larger gulls. They're not getting it all their own way however as a Great Skua was around the other day which quite clearly upset them.

The lighouse is becoming evermore popular with may people wanting to see Grace Darling's bedroom and look out of the window she did on the morning of the rescue and of course the island's reputation as the best place to get close up to seals is being borne out by some great photos.