Get off my land!

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Seals, signs and huge doggies!

Well that was an amazing week!  A seal that wouldn't get off the landing stage and nearly got in the boat, new signs delivered for the front of the booking office, two of the biggest dogs I've ever seen in the boat (They turned out to be Japanes Akitas) and a lovley snoozing seal that just totally ignored us.

Sadly storm Hector washed away our Eider nests and also did for our baby Swallows but they may well raise another brood. We have started to build our profile on Trip Advisor so look out for us on there later in the week.

Private charters to the lighthouse are becoming ever more popular, George spotted a porpoise on the last one, and with the weekend of  August the 18th/19th being International Lighthouse Heritage Weekend were looking forward to that!