Of Puffins and Peregrines

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Golden Plover

Where to watch puffins and other visitors.


Well the season progresses, eggs are being laid, eider ducklings are about and the Terns are now starting to dive bomb so please do take a hat with you to Inner Farne. We still think this is the best island for puffin viewing on land. Walk up to the lighthouse (and turn right and you'll come to a decking area where you get great views. If you turn left at the lighthouse you'll come to a cliff top. Here the light is falling directly on the puffins and you will get better colour shots. Another bird of interest which doesn’t get spotted that often is the Peregrine Falcon. We know one comes to Longstone as we often find their lunch at the bottom of the Lighthouse. The picture we have here is a Golden Plover that was taken by a Peregrine. We keep hoping that we may see one sitting on the Lighthouse gallery railings one day!