Where to watch Seals

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A brief guide to where's the best place to watch seals and when.

The Farne Islands are home to roughly 8,000 grey seals (also known as Atlantic seals), and each autumn hundreds of pups are born on the islands.

All of the boats will take you close to seals basking on the rocks and many will pop up beside the boats to see what you are doing!

Because Inner Farne and Staple are cliff islands and visited by people very few seals haul out here during the summer months. When the seals are pupping however it’s a very different story.

Because it’s so flat and low lying Longstone gives great close up views of seals from the boats. However if you land on Longstone you will get even better views but you do need to be careful. Many seals lie near the path in rock pools and also at the steps of the lighthouse and you can get quite close. Please remember you are dealing with a wild animal. All dogs MUST be kept on lead on the island for this reason.

If you want really memorable views of the seals climb to the top of the lighthouse and because the water is so clear you can see them swimming beneath the surface in the bay below!