Where to see Puffins

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Where to see Puffins

A brief guide on how to see Puffins!

You can start looking for the puffins as soon as you leave the harbour as individual birds are often seen about a mile out. As you approach the islands you can see them bobbing on the water and often flying by the boat.

You will get very good views from the boats especially when “cliff hugging” as you look up from the water to see them above.

The best island for puffin viewing on land we think is Inner Farne. Walk up to the lighthouse (don’t forget to bring a hat as the Terns can peck you!) and turn right and you'll come to a decking area where you get great views.

At this point the puffins are between you and the sun so the shots won’t look that bright. If you just want to look at them though it’s a wonderful site
If you turn left at the lighthouse you'll come to a cliff top. Here the light is falling directly on the puffins and you will get better colour shots.

Staple Island also has puffins but remember the islands have staggered opening times so it’s best to find out when each island is open before booking.