Longstone and the Farnes

Born and bred in Seahouses with a father and grandfather who served on the lifeboat and with Scott Shiel, my grandfather, starting a boat trip company as far back as 1918 it was inevitable that a love of the sea and the history of our village would be in my blood.

I have sailed the waters around the Farne Islands ever since I was a young lad, working on the tourist boats and fishing boats before obtaining the licence from Trinity House to be the keeper for the three Farne Island lighthouses.

As well as a love of the wildlife a fascination of the history of these islands has always been with me and I feel both honoured and privileged to be the owner of the only boat to have access to Longstone Island and Grace Darling’s childhood home in the lighthouse.

I still carry on the tradition of Grace's father William as besides taking out visitors to the islands I can find myself moving the Trinity House engineers between the islands when they are carrying out maintenance work.

When all is said though the biggest kick I get is when picking visitors up from the bird sanctuaries on Inner Farne and Staple and seeing the smile on people’s faces after having seen their first puffin!

by Golden Gate Boat Trips     November 14, 2018     45   0   5  

Remembrance Sunday and moving the Trinity House lads has made for a busy but rewarding week.

by Golden Gate Boat Trips     September 28, 2018     81   0   5  

Wel that was a busy two weeks and no mistake.

by Golden Gate Boat Trips     September 08, 2018     71   0   4  
Sunset on Longstone

Grace Darling's Anniversary and our first sunset cruise made for an interesting week.

by Golden Gate Boat Trips     August 18, 2018     98   0   3  
George and Alexander

Puffins leave, POINTLESS arrives!

by Golden Gate Boat Trips     July 29, 2018     85   0   3  

The Puffins are leaving so be quick!

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