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It’s always a sad time when something comes to an end and today it was our favourite coffee shop. Pilgrims Coffee House has closed its doors for the last time.

Sorry, that’s probably a bit dramatic and we should explain that it is only for the winter. They WILL be back next year and with a few exciting changes. But first, the main reason we went.

We had a few errands to run on the island. Fudge for the guests and a look at what new bottled delights the winery may have acquired. But most importantly the new book produced by Pilgrims. The book has been written by Victoria Mundy and Roy Player and is a combination of recipes, stories and photographs. It shows the best of Lindisfarne in beautiful photography and local stories. The recipes are taken from both the surrounding area as well as those used in Pilgrims itself. From the north east staple of Panhaggerty to the Cuthbert Slice (we’re definitely making that one) there’s something for everyone. Book bought, lunch next.

What we love about Pilgrims is they have a great sense of humour and an honest approach to selling. Looking at the sparse (but still lovely) offerings in the cabinet we couldn't help but smile. Written on the glass is “If you can’t find what you want its because we’re closing and we only have what we have”. Totally non offensive and simply true. Pilgrims sells honest food from good ingredients and is well made. It’s not just the coffee that gets all the love. Ham, Cheese and Bechamel sauce baguette for lunch, lovely.

We bought a couple of bags of their Myanmar as presents for a couple of coffee fiends we know and had a chat with Jonny. Andy and Jonny are off to India this week to select their next batch of coffees. They don’t just buy “off the shelf” or online, they actually go where it’s grown.

Pilgrims has an ethical approach to everything they do. From serving everything in or on recyclable, compostable or burnable plates/cups etc to choosing their coffee beans. They prefer small growers to support their expansion and have included plantations of bean types which have almost died out. This allows a greater diversity in their coffee choices. Better for the growers and certainly better for us coffee lovers.

Purchases made we headed back to the mainland with the intention of heading over the day they open again next year. Why? Because they are in the process of making a huge change to the coffee garden and the roastery currently in the yurt. Bit of a hint there, did you catch it? If you don’t know yet then we’re not going to spoil it but we suggest you get over there as soon as they open again. It’s going to be great.

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