Preparation for the new season

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Boat near the Farnes
In the harbour
Serenity II

The season is not far away and we are starting to get the boats ready for the off. We are lucky as we have catamarans and all we need to do is to take the boats out of the water and wash them down, polish the hulls and paint the anti-fouling onto the bottom of the hulls. We do this every year so no barnacles can grow onto the boat and it protects the boat too. In the past we used to lift the boats onto the pier, wash them down, sand them down and then paint them. It was not the best job in the world and it was made worse if the weather was rubbish. That’s all in the past now which is very pleasing and we concentrate on other things to improve the boats. This is one of the reasons why over the years we decided to change from traditional boats for catamarans are they are more stable in the water for those who do not have the best sea legs and perfect for photographer’s. They are designed with the Farne Islands in mind with it 360 degree viewing platform, toilet and wheelchair access when the tide permits. We also have a wildlife guide onboard to help you with any questions you might have.

We start sailing to the Farne Islands again just before Easter and every day after that, but only if the weather permits.

Once the seabirds start to arrive for the breeding season it gets busy. After that the noise level starts to rise and the smell starts to appear. In the height of the season the smell at times can be very powerful and often turn your stomach but the smell seems to be more powerful in certain areas than others and all depends if the sun is hot too. Thankfully this does not happen very often and you can enjoy the thousands of seabirds with no smell at all!

If you want to land on the Inner Farne during June and July then please bring a hat as the Arctic Terns will dive bomb and peck you onto the head. Please do not let this scare you as its as not a bad as it seems and its not for very long either. They are wonderful seabirds and migrate the furthest of all the seabirds on the islands so they are only protecting their young, and who can blame them.

The breeding season is April, May, June and July with a few lingering seabirds hanging around in August. This does not mean that the season is over as we have migrating seabirds passing through the islands and then the seal season starts. This starts from mid-October until December and you will be able to see the new born seal pups around all the islands. This is a magical time of the year and to think the weather can be dreadful at times and to think the survival rate is high is unbelievable.

Whatever your reason to visit the Farne Islands we will try to make it as enjoyable are we can.