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Steve and I moved to Market Cross Guest House in Belford in 2012 and was a new venture for both of us. I have always had a interest in food but after retraining to be a chef in my forties I began working at Swinton Park Cookery School in the Yorkshire Dales for a number of years. It was there that I really developed a passion for where our food came from and the use of seasonal produce being lucky enough to have access to a real kitchen garden and excellent local suppliers. While working at Swinton I discovered the delights of fine dining, the amazing talent and passion that goes into creating menus and dishes. Within my role at the cookery school I met some fantastic food producers and I came to understand what amazing produce was on the door step in North Yorkshire.

When we moved to Northumberland I doubted I would find the same level of produce here on our door step. How wrong was I!

Here in my blog I will share with you some the producers we use here at Market Cross as well as the best local restaurants and maybe a few of my favourite recipes.

I hope you enjoy!

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Our review of the excellent Box. Pizza restaurant.
Spring in the garden
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Fruit trees at Market Cross Guest House and the homegrown produce to be used to serve to guests.
Pilgrims Book
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Picking the fruit and making the jam for our guests at Market Cross Guest House.
St Abbs Market
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The low down on the markets in North Northumberland. Where, when and what.
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It’s been mayhem in the Market Cross kitchen today, Belford has a community market every bank holiday weekend so I am busy kneading and proving my loaves. I bake...
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Steve and Amanda run Market Cross Guest House in Belford. Food, cookery and local produce is a passion for us alongside running our guest house.




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