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Before you enter any other media pages let me tell you a little bit about myself:

Along with my brother we operate a small family run business that takes people out to the Farne Islands to see all the seabirds and grey seals. We have only been operating tours to the Farne Islands for 12 years now so we are relatively new but we think our passion for the area shines through.

We are both born and bred in Seahouses so we love the area so much that we have decided to raise our family here too.

On a personal note I can’t get enough of the Farnes and if I could be on the water every day I would be. My love for Northumberland is the reason I started my blog. I wanted to let everyone know how beautiful the area was and also show off the Farnes. I get a buzz every year when the seabirds start to arrive and I thought to be share this with more people than me. As Sir David Attenborough once said “it’s his favourite place in the UK to see seabirds during the breeding season”. Now if this man can say something like this then you can understand why I want other people to see it too. My blog just gives you a taste of what you are about to see and what’s happening at different times of the year.
Over the last few years we have changed our boats to catamarans and there are a few reasons for this, and one major one is the stability of our vessels. This helps people who do not have sea legs enjoy the trip along with the family and friends. The other reason is that they are perfect to viewing the Farnes and along with our wildlife guide we try to make the trip as enjoyable as possible. The other big reason is that we designed our vessels, so we could get a little bit closer to the wildlife. This gives you that extra insight into their world, along with the smell.

Hopefully you will enjoy my blog and other media pages, and then someday we might see you on our boats for a tour of the Farne Islands.

Thank you

Andrew Douglas

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Boat near the Farnes
AD Andrew Douglas Updated January 22, 2018 634 0 4
The season is not far away and we are starting to get the boats ready for the off. We are lucky as we have catamarans and all we need...
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